April in Aqualand Moravia

April in Aqualand Moravia

Happy Easter in Aqualand Moravia!

The largest and most modern water park in the Czech Republic, Aqualand Moravia, has prepared stylish welcome spring event for a long Easter weekend. Special Easter program is prepared for the visitors already from the 13th to 18th April. And if there is someone who needs real spring awakening, he should wait for the next weekend. The Saturday April 22 will be full of sauna ceremonies in the Finnish sauna and aroma bath.

You can spend Easter in a very untraditional way in South Moravia. You can choose e.g. the giant slide in Aqualand Moravia in south Moravian village Pasohlávky. „Visitors can enjoy the traditional whip knitting or dyeing eggs even among pools filled by thermal water from a local source. Either chicken and Easter rabbit will be there," smiles the director of Aqualand Moravia Petr Pavlacký.

Slides in south Moravian aqua park count more than 1.7 kilometres altogether, but there are also thousands of square meters of swimming pools. Visitors may have their drink in a unique water bar without being out of the water. And because of every ten visitors two are from Austria and two from Slovakia on average, Easter in Aqualand Moravia will last 6 days to give everyone the possibility to fully enjoy this spring feast. Foreigners may accommodate in the brand new hotel Aqualand Inn, which offers beautiful views on Pálava Hills.

For those who prefer relax more than adrenaline on U wave or Supercrater attractions, there will be special Day of sauna ceremonies. A total of 11 of sauna ceremonies will be prepared on Saturday, April 22 in Forum Romanum Wellness. Ceremonies start at 13 o´clock and finish at 20 o´clock. The sauna masters pour water on hot stones and then circulate the hot air with towels during ceremonies. This procedure increases the feeling of heat and escalates cleansing effect on the body and mind. Ceremonies may be enhanced by sauna essences, cosmetics, music or special sauna costume.

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