Enjoy spring in swimsuit close to charming Pálava hills!

Enjoy spring in swimsuit close to charming Pálava hills!

Can you feel it in the air? The sun is going to shine, the grass is green, bees are flying everywhere…

The spring is coming. This lovely season will be full of action but it will offer time and space to relax as well. We are waiting for Easter holiday to come, later public holidays in May. So do not hesitate and come to us to enjoy first spring sun and collect the spring energy. First spring rays attract you to lie on outdoor sun beds or to take a bath in nice warm water.

Our animation team practices dancing, aqua gym and aqua aerobic very hard. We are preparing rich animation program for all Easter. You can look forward to fun activities for both young and older ones. Do not expect any Easter carolling with willow tree stick in Aqualand Moravia but we will be looking for Easter eggs. So do not hesitate and come to join us. We are preparing an extended animation program for you for the public holidays in May as well.

You will always enjoy a lot of fun on our water attractions, slides and rides! We recommend you to try them all! The most popular are U Wave, where you will experience a 2G overload, or Supercrater that makes you feel dizzy. Those who like bubbles, jets and water spouts will be happy to spend all day in the pool. Try our outdoor thermal pools with warm water Romulus and Remus to heat your bones.

Spring is also associated with sauna ceremonies in Aqualand Moravia. We are preparing two special events for you! The first one is popular sauna night that will take place on 23.3. This event will tune you into the spring scents, the theme is purely dedicated to spring time and the name of the sauna night is “Spring is Calling!” In addition, the sauna night program will be spiced up with the novelty prepared by our sauna masters. Fumigation is an ancient technique that was previously used to heal and clean the space. Today, this technique is followed by people in their homes, but also by many wellness centers that include fumigation in their program. You will experience the stay in sauna deeper and more intensively with fragrant and herbal blends. The procedure of fumigation will help you to clean your soul and mind.

Later we will offer you another sauna experience on 20.4., so directly on Easter holiday. The sauna Easter carolling will take place all Saturday and our sauna masters will prepare a breathtaking program for you.

Our hotel team has prepared spring packages for you as well! You can choose the package Spring Ride on Pálava, which is full of adventure in the water park. Or try our package Spring wellness stay, which is full of wellness experiences in our sauna world Wellness Forum Romanum.

Our brand new Salt heating chamber is still big surprise for our visitors. Here you will experience a unique relaxation. Your kids will fall in love with our Children's Restroom. We are preparing a lot of other big news for you, so do not stop to follow us! You will learn more about the summer area and wellness extension. And because spring will run away like water in the river, we will soon inform you about the topic of this summer and its interesting program.

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