Happy days in autumn will bring joy to students and seniors.

Your favourite Happy days are back after the summer break. Bargain entry prices to Aqualand Moravia are ready for students and seniors over 60 years every week. Since the 3th September is the entry ticket cheaper on every Monday and Wednesday for more than 50 %.

Seniors over 60 years can buy special entry ticket to Aqualand Moravia on every Monday. First deal in the biggest and most up-to-day aquapark in Czech Republic can be bought on the first Monday in September. Wednesdays belong to students.

The conditions for the Happy days prices are very easy. Seniors should proof their age by every document, students should show their ISIC card. Students and seniors get the all day ticket for 299 CZK to Aqualand Moravia. The combined ticket with the one-time entry to wellness zone for 150 minutes is only for 399 CZK. Students and seniors may save thanks to Happy days more than 50 % from the price for both zones at the cash desk.

This deal is valid to appeal and can be applied only when buying the tickets at the cash desk in Aqualand Moravia.

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