Fast individual massage. The customer, in agreement with the masseur, will determine which part of the body he wants to massage.

Massage can be performed primarily as shoulder and neck massage, back or leg / calf muscle massage. Customers can choose from several types of aromatic oils.

Aroma Massage Oil Balance: Massage oil is natural, without chemical and preservative substances. The balanced blend of orange and mandarin oil in combination with ylang-ylang, cedar wood and vanilla soothes and harmonizes after a busy day.

Aroma Massage Oil Energy: Aroma Massage Oil Energy releases the whole body and soul thanks to its unique composition. It adds new strength to the body thanks to harmonious blends of essential oils. The basis for the oil is made from pure vegetable oils that are free of preservatives, dyes and emulsifiers.

Aroma Massage Oil Relax: Massage oil is composed of only 100% natural substances of the highest quality. Natural oil Relax releases stress and tension. Massage oil brings pure relax thanks to its unique composition.

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