Magical summer in Aqualand Moravia is behind the door!

Summer in Aqualand Moravia will be full of high class magic this year. We open the summer season on June the 16th. Summer in the water park will start with the spectacular Smile Festival that we prepare in cooperation with Czech Radio Impuls. This event will be celebrated by magic tricks, witchery and mysteries. Charming experiences await our visitors thanks to many upcoming events that will be accompanied by magicians, illusionist and other artists.


You will find that magic has many forms during summer months in Aqualand Moravia. Magic tricks will be interpreted by the best illusionists and magicians of their kind. Tomasiano – finalist of the famous TV show „Czechoslovakia has Talent“ will create smile and astonishment on your face during Smile Festival. This event starts on the 16th of June and opens the summer season in Aqualand Moravia. The celebration of the fifth birthday of the aquapark on August the 4th will be even more wonderful thanks to Richard Nedvěd. He is well known entertainer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia thanks to his „trapnomagic“ (embarrassing magic tricks). The master of the Czech Republic in the modern wizardry Ondřej Sládek will amaze you at the last event of the summer season held on September the 2nd. And that's not all what we have prepared for you! Magicians will show their tricks on every weekend in Aqualand Moravia. Funny magical animation programmes for kids and adults are ready for you every day. You will enjoy jogging in water, discos, as well as various games and magical contests. However, thematic events were developed that you should not miss. You will dive into the secrets of nature, folklore, universe, music, or learn magic tricks with the ball.

A truly unforgettable experience has traditionally been offered by our outdoor attractions, which you cannot find elsewhere in the Czech Republic. The real adrenaline is poured into the veins on the ABYSS and BOOMERANGO water slides that are made for the most courageous visitors. You can also enjoy outdoor entertainment in artificial waves or children's pools full of exciting attractions. Those water lovers looking for relaxation will find paradise in our new outdoor water pools with hot thermal water. Others may relax by unique outdoor massages or enjoy the privacy in newly opened Day Spa.

In conclusion, there is nothing "less" than wishing you unforgettable magical summer full of experiences that will last as long as you wish.


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