The summer season in this year will be full of news in Aqualand Moravia! We opened for you the completely NEW SUMMER AREA on Wednesday, July the 8th.

The new area includes the family slide High Five, the calm river Lazy River, the children's water world and other great attractions and specialties. So there is really something to look forward to!

The area is 2 times larger than before. A lot of new features have been added to the large family of water slides, rides and swimming pools. You will have the option to enter the complex from the other side of the aqua park. You will find the second access in the direction from the summer camp, where the new entrance and changing rooms have been created.

The biggest attraction of the summer is undoubtedly the new family slide High Five. The water slide is unique in the whole Europe. The nearest similar attraction is located in the Canary Islands. You can ride up and down the hill five times on the water slide. The ride and the slide with its shape remind you of a roller coaster. You will enjoy a unique ride, 242 meters long. In addition, the water slide is so-called "smart", it always considers the weight of the passengers before the ride. It is a technological feature that allows you to ride uphill by water pressure and at the same time it saves the water. As already mentioned, the smart water slide always takes the weight of the passengers into consideration.

The maximum permissible weight is 180 kilograms for a raft with two people, and if you ride a double raft alone, the minimum permissible weight is 55 kilograms and the maximum is 135 kilograms. The minimum allowed height for water slide is 110 cm.

Video from the preparation phase of the new area:

You can find more interesting attractions in the new area:

You can enjoy a rafting trip with a unique view of Pálava Hills on the Lazy River. If you travel on the river you go almost through the whole new area. Have a nice drink at the water bar while riding on the river without leaving the water. You just slow down a bit, grab a drink and continue your journey.

During the summer, the children's water world will also be marked by an animation program. Our animators will provide entertaining menu for small and older children. You can look forward to motor boat races, for example, in which children, but also many adults, will certainly have fun.

We didn't forget about refreshments in the new complex either! For example, you can have a burger from VICTORIA BURGER or pasta at BISTRO ITALIA.

Of course, the summer in Aqualand Moravia also includes the existing pools and attractions, such as the unique Abyss and Boomerango. These water slides are unique in Central Europe and give a second gear to your summer fun. The summer area also includes unique food stalls, Fun&Swim pool full of entertainment, a wave break or sunbathing with a drink in hand. Aqualand Moravia could become an ideal place for summer fun for you, so don't hesitate and come!


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