New outdoor thermal pools!

New outdoor thermal pools!

Aqualand Moravia will open new hot pools with thermal water. New outdoor thermal zone will be build in record time.

An early Christmas present will delight Aqualand Moravia visitors. The most sought-after tourist destination of South Moravia will open two new outdoor pools with hot water on 16th December. Pools will offer specially modified water from thermal spring with the temperature of 37 ° C. New pools will allow visitors to enjoy outdoor swimming throughout the year. The investment reach into 8 million crowns (315 000 Euros.)

New pools will be established within existing outdoor pool Riviéra. Two stainless pools will be filled with 37 °C hot water throughout the year. "We have listened to the wishes of our visitors, who want to enjoy a comfortable bathing outdoor in the winter. Therefore, we will add two outdoor swimming pools, which will be technologically suitable for the accumulation of hot water. The pools will give such comfort to the visitors comparable to first-rate spa complexes,“ commented Petr Pavlacký, director of Aqualand Moravia.

The assembly of new parts is technologically demanding and there are several specialized building companies involved. Not only the swimming pools will be built in record time, but also special technological parts. However, the construction does not limit the operation of aquapark. The swimming pools themselves will be provided with special lighting and will complement the year-round outdoor thermal zone, which the aquapark offers to its visitors.

Aquapark's management reacts to the increasing popularity of spa baths and procedures by constructing these hot pools. "We are currently operating a spa bath where thermal sulfur treatments are done in completely untreated sulfuric water. Due to the great interest of visitors to this type of procedure, we plan to extend the spa operation next year, "adds Pavlacký.

Aqualand Moravia will use thermal water from the local 1.3 km deep spring MU - 3G Mušov for new swimming pools. This water spring is unique not only because of the presence of carbon dioxide, sulphate or hydrosulphide. It also contains increased numbers of fluorides, iodides or anions of Cl- and Na + cations. Thanks to the complex composition, the water from the thermal bore positively affects the locomotion system, immunity, metabolism and the function of the autonomic nerves. It is beneficial to skin problems or fungal diseases, it also improves the blood circulation of the skin.

Work on the new project started at the beginning of November. Pools will be open on 16 December 2017 to the public. In addition, aquapark visitors have the opportunity to participate actively in the project. They may propose suitable names for new pools. Authors of winning names will receive season ticket in Aqualand Moravia. 

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