Salt heating chamber

Salt heating chamber

The beneficial effect of halotherapy and perfect relaxation can be enjoyed in the completely new wellness area of ​​the Salt chamber. A short rest in the heated Salt chamber will help your body to relax and at the same time it has good health effects.

The new zone is equipped with relaxation chairs and an inhalation cabin into which a salt aerosol is injected while forming a marine microclimate similar to that of the Dead Sea. Air humidity is around 50%, the temperature rises to 20-23 ° C. The nice atmosphere is created by pleasant music and soft light. These conditions contribute to the release of the required minerals from the salt, which the visitor both inhales and also absorbs through the skin.

You can find the Salt chamber in the pool hall and the access is limited to one entry per day. For the twenty-minute stay you will pay 49 CZK, the amount is charged directly on the chip. The recommended length of stay in the Salt chamber is ten minutes, followed by ten minutes long rest on the couchette.

Salt treatment called halotherapy is perfect for whole body and mind relaxation as well as for the strengthening the immunity. Regular inhalation of small salt parts can have a positive effect on a variety of health problems such as sinusitis and bronchitis, asthma, acne or other skin problems, and it also has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory system.

We have also prepared a new attraction for the youngest visitors of Aqualand Moravia, which is the special zone of Children´s heating room. The area of ​​the Children's heating room is equipped with seating bags and 3D decorations with fairy-tale motives. There is also a corner for mothers with infants that is offering plenty of privacy. Entrance to the Children's heating room is free of charge. Do not hesitate to experience a unique relax with positive effects on your body!

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