Well, that's amazing!

The European finals competition in sauna ceremonies called Sauna Herbal Cup will take place here in Aqualand Moravia! You really have something to look forward to in the autumn in our sauna world…

At the beginning of autumn we will open a brand new wellness center area, where you will find a panoramic sauna for 100 people. And thanks to this new sauna we have new possibilities, such as organizing an international competition in sauna ceremonies Sauna Herbal Cup. Take this advantage of the unique opportunity to visit our brand new wellness area and enjoy the experience of the world's top sauna masters.

Sauna Herbal Cup is an international sauna competition, founded in 2013. Since then, it offers a unique opportunity to meet professional sauna masters, aromatherapy, sauna and wellness experts at one place. There are 4 days awaiting you. They will be full of the best sauna ceremonies and treatments that the contemporary wellness world has to offer. More than twenty competing performances will be held during the finals, which will be judged by a 12-member international jury. The jury members will than select the winner. In addition to the main final program, you can also look forward to interesting workshops, competition for visitors, sauna rituals with fumigators or demonstrations of unconventional and interesting treatments with the participation of international guests.

Sauna Herbal Cup will be held from Thursday 21st November to Sunday 24th November 2019. You can buy tickets for the whole event, eventually one day or two-day admission on your chosen day. The competition ceremonies will run for the first 3 days of the competition. The all-day program will be spiced up with a lot of performances. Program in Sunday will be held in an easy going and friendly spirit with the participation of competitors, professional jury and special guests. You can look forward to an exhibition of the best sauna masters. We are preparing a complete program and we will bring you more information soon.


The tickets to the event can be purchased at our e-shop or at the ticket offices in Aqualand Moravia. You can buy tickets in advance at discounted prices at our e-shop. At the same time you will have the option to purchase bargain packages with accommodation in our Aqualand Inn hotel. Follow our e-shop and Facebook profile not to miss the best price.

We are delighted that we may to participate in organizing such an event together with the Czech Sauna Association. We believe that this will make you happy. We are glad to bring you this unique wellness experiences.


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