Experience the novelty of sauna fumigation ceremonies and enjoy the evening scented with spring!

Are you also looking forward to spring? We can't wait, so we have prepared a sauna night full of spring scents.

The Spring Sauna Night will be held on 23.3. and the program will be loaded ... Our sauna masters have prepared for you a novelty, which is the current trend in wellness and saunas - fumigation. Fumigating smokers are as old as mankind, people use this method to heal body and soul, but also to clean the room. The Sauna Ceremony with fumigating smokers offers you a unique and original experience! Fumigating with natural materials will intensify the effect and impact of sauna and, with the accompaniment of relaxing music, will guarantee a unique healing experience.


Tickets can also be purchased at the wellness reception for CZK 599, but only until the capacity is sold out.

Come and enjoy the spring with us and enjoy the program that will be brought to you by our great sauna masters, who have completed a top fumigation course to give you unique professional experience. For example, you can look forward to a ceremony called Fresh Breath or Pipe of Peace. This time we will welcome Petra Surová from SPA Aphrodite Palace from Slovakian Rájecké Teplice, who will prepare a Happy hippie ceremony full of fragrances and a Czech Michaela Zábojníková who will start the sauna night with the Spring Equinox ceremony.

The program will take place in the Finnish sauna and Salt bath. Thematic scrubs, such as Lavender Caress with Surprise, will be available for you in the Aroma Bath, and the program will also include whisking in the Bio sauna, which you could already try in our premises.

Program of Spring is Calling! Sauna Night

Spring is Calling Program - Sauna Ceremony in the Finnish Sauna:

21:30 Spring Equinox - Michaela Zábojníková
22:00 Pipe of Peace - Jakub Lang
22:30 Happy hippie - Petra Surová
23:15 Fresh breath - Kristýna Bartlová
23:45 Aphrodite - Petra Surova
00:15 Journey through the Past - Michaela Zábojníková
01:00 Joint Farewell 

Program of Spring is Calling in Aroma Bath:

21:45 Children of Flowers - Petra Surová
23:00 Lavender caress with surprise - Michaela Zábojníková
00:00 Strawberry Dream - Pavol Filip 

Program of Spring is Calling – sauna ceremony in Salt bath:

22:15 Coffee Paradise - Pavol Filípek
23:30 Honey Almond - Dominik Klusák 

Program of Spring is Calling – whisking in Bio sauna:

22:00, 22:45 and 23:30 - whisking

We believe that you can't wait to this event. We look forward to see you!

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