Spring Holidays in Aqualand Moravia

Spring Holidays in Aqualand Moravia

You cannot wait for the spring to come and would you do everything for a moment to get warm?

Spring holidays are here and you do not know what to experience with your kids? ... In Aqualand Moravia you warm up, collect the energy and your children will have a lot of fun according to their wish! We are looking forward to your visit and we offer you a lot of fun, water games, adventure, adrenaline, relaxation and interesting news ... So pack your swimsuit and get to us quickly!

A total number of 14 swimming pools with an area of ​​3000 square meters will serve to your pleasure. Selected swimming pools include bubble baths, water spouts and other attractions to make your entertainment or relax more liveable. Some pools are filled with the water coming from the local thermal hole Mušov MU 3G, that has beneficial effects on the human organism. A unique experience is a bath in the thermal pools Romulus and Remus, that are heated to 37 ° C. Romulus and Remus pools are located in the outdoor area of ​​the aquapark and are open all year round. You can enjoy the view of the snow-covered Pálava and warm your body in hot thermal water.

Children and adults can enjoy adventure and adrenaline on our 20 toboggans and slides with a total length of 1.7 km. A total number of 16 water slides and rides is available all year round! Not only in the summer but also in the winter you can try popular slides U-Wave, Supercrater, Wild River or Kamikadze.

Aqualand Moravia is also a top destination for relaxation and wellness lovers. Since December, the new Salt Heating Chamber is open for the aquapark visitors. It is located directly in the swimming pool hall. The entry is limited to one-time entrance and it will cost you only 49 CZK for the stay that is 25 minutes long. So you can take a bath all day long and when you get a taste for relaxation, you just jump into our Salt Heating Chamber. The Salt Heating Chamber is also accessible to children, the recommended age limit is 6 years. For babies and children of pre-school age, we also have news! We have built a new children's rest room, which can be also found in the main swimming pool area. The children's rest room is equipped with photo-frames, seating bags, 3D animations, and you can find here a corner suitable for mothers with children. Even Forum Romanum Wellness was renovated during last year to enjoy our saunas, tepidarium, whirlpools and Kneipp baths even more.

 We also bring extraordinary experiences to lovers of saunas and sauna ceremonies. Regularly, always on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you can try sauna ceremonies in our premises. We also organize very popular nights of sauna ceremonies. The night of the sauna ceremonies begins after the end of the wellness center opening hours and ends after midnight. During the sauna night, you can see the visiting sauna masters from other sauna worlds in action and experience the truly masters of the sauna heaven. This year we have several sauna nights on agenda, the first one will happen on 16.2 with St. Valentine theme and another one we are planning for 22.3. with the theme of spring welcoming! 

Traditionally we try to diversify your stay in the aquapark so much as possible so we run entertaining animation program on every weekend for you. You will not miss it even on spring holidays. You can shake your body in the rythm of aquazumba, dance in the water, or participate in interesting competitions in the framework of animation program. As a gift and a big thank you to the children for the semi-annual school report, we also prepare an animation program for the holiday on Friday 1 February.

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