The summer is not ending yet

The summer is not ending yet

Dear visitors of Aqualand Moravia. Tropical temperatures are moving to southern countries, but we are expecting more beautiful and sunny days till the end of the holidays according to weather forecast. So visit us and enjoy the end of the summer in Aquala

You can enjoy crazy ride on our yellow green water slides Abyss and Boomerango. Choose Abyss and ride the wild road through the rapids that is ending in the fall into nowhere. Or choose Boomerango and let the gravity to bring you down. That´s the way how to ride on this water slide. Sea waves are dancing in our favourite wave pool. Kids will have fun with our water attractions in the Fun and Swim pool and Baby Lake Pool.

The highlights of last months are the thermal pools Romulus and Remus that are opened the whole year. There is thermal water with the temperature of 37 Celsius in these pools.

We would like to invite you to the last event of the summer season. On the 1th September, on Saturday, you can look forward to the event „Magic and witcheries“. There will be the magic master of the Czech Republic Ondřej Sládek on stage. DJ Michal Pešina with the saxofonist Paul Saxo will take care of the music program. Expect various contests during the day led by our animation team.

Do not be sad that we are going to close our summer area. Aqualand Moravia offers even in autumn rich entertainment beginning on the water slides continuing to relax in our wellness area or in brand new Day Spa zone. As usual, animation program will be ready for you every weekend with different topics. Traditional wine harvest in Mikulov will take place from the 7th till the 9th. September. The entry ticket to Wine Harvest is valid as the 1+1 voucher for Aqualand Moravia. Seniors may look forward to Happy Days on Mondays, students will have their special bargain prices on Wednesdays. We cannot miss scary and funny Halloween celebration, even Christmas and New Years Eve parties are waiting for us.

But the summer season is not over yet so hurry up into Aqualand Moravia.

Aqualand Moravia team

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