Visiting rules of Forum Romanum Wellness

1. Forum Roman Wellness is the zone without swimsuit. After entering the  wellness leave all your clothes in change room  or on shelves.  Please wear only the plaid or sheet in the whole area. 

2. Entry to the Forum Romanum Wellness is allowed for children older than 15 years. We offer sauna for children only on Sundays from 11.30 till 13.30. Designed for children accompanied by their parents. 

3. Wellness visitor is obliged to follow visiting rules and pay attention to  the instructions of the operating personnel. 

4. During the stay in Wellness it is required to keep the hygiene and the use  of sheets / towels. 

5. Visitors are obliged for hygiene reasons to take a shower with soap without  swimsuit after entering into the premises of Wellness. 

6. You should lay the sheet under whole body including feet in dry saunas  (valid for Finnsauna, Biosauna, Infrasauna). Every visitor gets one sheet. 

7. In all areas where visitors move on wet pavement, including stairs,  you need to take extra care. There is a danger of slipping and possible injury. 

8. All visitors are required to follow the principles of morality and decency,  and not to bother other visitors. 

9. Heating rooms and other procedures are designed primarily for healthy people.  Every visitor enters them on his own responsibility.  

10. Persons suffering from vascular and heart diseases can use the wellness  zone after professional medical advice. 

11. It is allowed to drink and eat only refreshments purchased in the Wellness zone.

12. All areas are NONSMOKING! 

13. The capacity of Forum Romanum Wellness is limited. After filling the  capacity the head of Wellness is entitled to restrict access to the wellness area. 

14. Visitors may not move equipment and furniture and manipulate with technical  devices. 

15. If the visitor fails to follow the instructions of responsible employer,  he can be order out from Wellness without refund. In extreme cases,  depending on the nature of the offense, the responsible employer can  request the intervention of the Police of the Czech Republic.

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