The city of Znojmo is located in the south Moravia, on the left bank of the river Dyje, 52 km away from the city of Brno. 48 km from Aqualand Moravia. It is the second largest city in the South Moravian Region.

Znojmo is located in the wine region and in its vicinity there is a large number of vineyards and orchards.

There are many monuments in the city of Znojmo, some of which are also entered in the lists of cultural monuments of the Czech Republic. The city of Znojmo itself is a city monument reserve, in the city there you can find a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic - the rotunda of St. Catherine. Other monuments include, for example, Znojmo Castle, the Town Hall Tower, the Znojmo Underground or several churches. For technical enthusiasts, there is a route through construction attractions.

Near the city center is the Podyjí National Park, still the only Moravian national park. Podyjí National Park is the smallest national park in the Czech Republic. The park is located along the river Dyje, between Vranov nad Dyjí and Znojmo.

For active visitors, there are many marked hiking and biking trails. The Znojmo Wine Route, the Route of Six Cities, the Route of Sagas and Myths, Greenways Prague - Vienna pass through here; or also the Wine Trail In the Footsteps of Napoleon.


You can get other tips on what to visit in Znojmo and its surroundings in one of the tourist information centers:

TIC ZNOJMO - On Radniční Street, near the square

ZNOVÍN ZNOJMO, a.s - Information about the wine tourism program

TIC ZNOJMO - Znojmo Castle

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