The year 2020 marks the start of a new area of our outdoor waterpark at Aqualand Moravia. It brings new challenges and opportunities.



Thanks to the construction of the new complex, the summer area will be twice as large as before. We will enter into the summer with bigger outdoor part. While during the last summer season you rode on an area of ​​about six hectares, the new one will be about half bigger. We are preparing a water world for children, a snorkeling pool or a lazy river and the biggest attraction of the summer will be a new family toboggan that will also go uphill.

Changes and innovations are huge. Investments in all innovations climbed to a quarter of a billion crowns. The family of 20 water slides and rides and 15 pools will have new members. You will also be able to enter the area from the other side of the water park. New entrance and changing rooms will be built next to the campsite.

Family water slide

Up and down! The new family slide runs uphill and downhill ... The slide, or rather the water roller coaster, will be 242 meters long and will always weigh its passengers first. This is precisely in order to export them up the hill later. You will start from the platform at a height roughly corresponding to the block of flats and will have a total elevation of 17 meters. You change the direction upwards a total of 5 times while driving. Such an adrenaline gem in the world of water slides will await visitors of Aqualand Moravia already in the summer. As already mentioned, a clever water slide always weighs its passengers first. It is a technological gadget that allows driving uphill by water pressure and at the same time also saves water.

The water slide is absolutely unique, you can find a similar type closest to the Canary Islands and the same, just slightly larger water slide, is in Galveston, Texas. The waterway for Aqualand Moravia was produced by the world leader in the field - Canadian company Whitewater. The perfectly fitting parts traveled to Europe for about a month.

The family water slide will be in Czech national colors and the crew will ride it on a two-seat raft. In an hour, the slide can handle up to 250 adrenaline lovers and will be suitable for kids and adults.


Water world for children

The summer area is not only extended by a new water slide ... Small children can look forward to a new space for playing. There will be a children's water world that will offer children slides, holes, fountains and waterfalls, a water castle and a tower. The pools in this section will have different depths so that children of different ages can swim there. Pleasant news for parents is also a refreshment area right next to the children's world, so parents can keep their children under supervision and enjoy their own relaxation. This will create a quality background for families with children.



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