Operating rules of the 7D cinema in Aqualand Moravia

Operating rules of the 7D cinema in Aqualand Moravia

Operating rules of the 7D cinema in Aqualand Moravia

Valid from December 19, 2016

Basic information

1. The 7D cinema operator is the company ŽS Real, a. s., head office in Pasohlávky No. Ev. 110, 691 22 Pasohlávky, IČO: 25334271, DIČ: CZ25334271, registered at the Regional Court in Brno under the file number B 2298.

2. The cinema is eligible to project digital projections in 7D technology.

3. The capacity of the cinema hall is 6 seats.

4. A minimum of 2 people is required to show the movie.

5. Entrance to the cinema is permitted to persons over 100cm.

6. The entrance fee is given by a valid price list.

7. The visitor is required to check the purchased ticket immediately at the cash desk. The subsequent complaints will not be taken into account. Purchased tickets are not accepted back or exchanged.

8. Entry into the cinema is only possible after a valid ticket has been purchased.

9. The cinema is open from 12.00 to 21.00. The cinema operator reserves the right to change the cinema's operating time.

10. The last entrance is possible at 20.45 hrs.

11. Lightning and vibration effects are used during the projection and therefore it is not recommended to visit the cinema if you have recently had surgery, you have health problems (pressure, heart, mobility) or during pregnancy.

12. Viewers are obliged to behave in such way that they do not interfere with other cinema visitors. Visitors should follow operator´s instructions. Visitors under the influence of alcohol can be expelled from the cinema without any right to refund.  The employees may not allow people under influence of alcohol to enter the cinema at all.

13. For hygienic reasons it is forbidden to bring and consume own refreshments in the cinema hall.

14. It is forbidden to smoke in all areas of the cinema and use a mobile phone in the auditorium.

15. For the youngsters or the damage caused by them are responsible their parents.

16. In the film hall, any audiovisual recordings of performances are prohibited under the Copyright Act.

17. The operator is not responsible for the personal belongings of the visitors left freely in the cinema premises.

18. By purchasing a ticket, the visitor confirms the introduction to the operating rules of the cinema. Exceptions to these operating rules may only be determined by the cinema operator.


Safety instructions:

• Before the film begins put away all free items (mobiles, wallets, glasses)

• Select a free seat and take a belt

• Put on the glasses that you receive from the operator

• Relax and enjoy the beautiful experience

• After the end of the projection, unlock the belt

• Return the glasses to the operator and exit the cinema

During the screening, it is forbidden to leave a seat, throw anything, eat, drink, smoke, and make audiovisual recordings.

The cinema operator has no responsibility for accidents, injuries or other damages caused by non-observance of the safety instructions.

In Pasohlávky on December 19, 2016

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