Thematic ceremonies and sauna nights are held in Forum Romanum wellness centre.

Thematic sauna events are an integral part of the offer in Forum Romanum wellness center. They complement regular sauna ceremonies that take place every Wednesday and on weekends. We speak about few days a year when our sauna masters prepare original ceremonies including costumes and thematic program. In the upcoming season you can look forward to Saint Nicolas sauna ceremonies with devils and angels or Valentine's romance.

Exceptional are the sauna nights, which start after the end of the common operating hours of the wellness center. The night of sauna ceremony is limited for given number of visitors to enjoy a perfect and comfortable experience. The first ceremonies begin around 9:30 pm and finish long after midnight. A popular part of the sauna nights is the performance of guest sauna masters from partner sauna worlds who bring their best shows to Forum Romanum. Visitors can see the real stars of the sauna sky in action. The same rules apply to visitors of sauna events as in common operation. It is necessary to respect other visitors and observe the visitor rules of the wellness center. The change of programme is reserved.


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