Sauna ceremonies – sweat in a different way.

Do you like saunas, but you do not want just sit in the corner? Have you ever experienced a sauna ceremony? Now you have the opportunity in Aqualand Moravia! The sauna ceremony is a diversification of the sauna services that we offer. Experienced sauna masters swirl the hot during the ceremony, pour the aromatic natural essences on the hot stones and offer you a peeling. All mentioned activities develop sauna services in Forum Romanum Wellness Center to another dimension.

 You can choose from classic sauna ceremonies and sauna show in the Finnish sauna or experience one of the guided peeling ceremonies in one of our steam baths each week on Wednesday and on weekends.

While you can rest and relax at the classical sauna ceremonies led by experienced „old school“ sauna masters on Wednesdays and Sundays in the early evening, Friday and the weekend is reserved for a sauna show guided by three young and dynamic sauna masters.

The duration of the sauna ceremonies is approximately 10 to 15 minutes and runs according to the schedule. Participation in guided peeling ceremonies is conditional upon the purchase of peeling at the wellness reception. Here they will tell you in which steam sauna the ceremony will be held or give you professional advices. In the Finnish sauna it is necessary to have a towel or bed sheet spread under the body. If you are a newcomer, it is better to take a position on the lower bench where it is less hot. Do not forget to take your place in the sauna in time, after the beginning of the ceremony is not possible to enter the sauna.


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