Visiting the aqua park may strengthen your health: Mineral water from thermal Mušov well has beneficial effects on mental and physical health.

Do you want to relax, calm your body and mind while doing something good for your health? When visiting Aqualand Moravia you will feel like in a spa. Pools and balneo baths are supplied with mineral water with proven healing effects. The bath in the mineral water will not only give you energy and boost your immunity, but will also help with skin diseases and other problems.

The beneficial effects of mineral water on health are undeniable. Therefore, we also try our best to use the effects of this natural wealth in Aqualand Moravia. Outdoor and indoor pools and whirlpools are therefore supplied with water from the local thermal hole MU - 3G Mušov, which is a source of natural mineral water with healing effects according to the valid legislation of the Ministry of Health. You can try the positive effects of water from a 1.3-kilometer deep borehole that was discovered near Pasohlávky almost 30 years ago whenever you visit the aquapark.

Mineral water that is present in most of our indoor and outdoor pools is unique for its complex effects on human health. The content of carbon dioxide, sulphate, sulphates or hydrosulphide is exceptional. The water also contains the increased amount of fluorides, iodides, silicic acid or Cl- anions and Na + cations. Thanks to its unique composition, the water in our pools has a positive effect on:

• Skin and hypodermis blood supply
• Musculoskeletal system
• Immunity
• Bones structure
• Metabolism
• Autonomic nerve function
• Skin disease
• Chronic yeast and mold diseases

Balneo baths
If you want to use the healing effects of the Mušov thermal water to the maximum, the balneo baths in the Forum Romanum wellness center are the perfect choice for you. Here, the water is used in a completely natural form, so the thermotherapy is comparable to other spa facilities. Geothermal baths relieve musculoskeletal pain and improve joint, muscle and spine health. Patients with skin diseases such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, fungal and yeast inflammation of the skin or psoriasis will also benefit from healthy effects. They have a beneficial effect on scars, the baths help to soften and relax them. In addition, the water has an analgesic effect. Last but not least, thermal baths have a significant impact on the body's defenses and metabolism, so they are recommended for diabetics, gout sufferers, people with impaired fat metabolism, obese people, or smokers who suffer from vascular disease. In addition, water at a temperature of 36 - 39 ° C supports relaxation of body and soul. It is suitable for people during convalescence after injury, individuals with psychosomatic problems and all who need physical and mental relief after a hard day.

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