Day Spa

Enjoy the silence in the Day Spa

From the adrenaline rush straight to the oasis of undisturbed peace. You will love that silence. The Day Spa is designed for all those who love to be pampered. Enjoy the silence in the comfort of own lounger and refresh yourself with the chilled water with fruit, that is prepared for you in unlimited quantities. And then return back to the private hot tub.

Do you already have a voucher at home in a drawer or in the e-mail box? Then all you have to do is book your stay in the Day Spa by e-mail: Just three days before arrival are enough. It is better to book your stay in advance because the capacity is limited.

A few final points:

  • The Day spa is designed only for the visitors older than 18 years.
  • When passing through the turnstile, a fee of 99 crowns for 60 minutes is counted. If this time is exceeded, a surcharge is applied for every 30 minutes, exactly 40 Czech crowns.