Visitor's regulations

Visiting rules are used to follow applicable laws, to ensure health protection and safety of the visitors of the aqua park Aqualand Moravia Pasohlávky (hereinafter called the „Aqua park“). Each visitor is obliged to be familiar with these visiting rules when entering the premises of Aqua park. If the visitor pays the entry ticket to the Aqua park, s/he explicitly agrees with these visiting rules and will follow the visiting rules and instructions of the staff.


1.1. AQUALAND MORAVIA is only accessible during the operating hours upon presenting a valid ticket – chip (watch-like wristband with an electronic chip) which can be purchased at the cash desk near the entrance to AQUALAND MORAVIA. Information about the admission fees and payment will be provided by our staff at the ticket office. The whole area is divided into 2 parts – indoor and outdoor part. The outdoor area is accessible usually during summer holiday.

1.2. AQUALAND MORAVIA is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm including bank holidays and weekends (if it is not announced differently on the web page and at the entrance into the premises). The Aqua park is open since 9 a.m. only during the summer season, ie. from the first half of June till the end of the school summer holidays. The term of summer holidays is always officially announced in the price list on the web page and at the entrance into the premises.
The operating hours of individual attractions are given by the operator and shown at the attractions. AQUALAND MORAVIA can be entered no later than 90 minutes before the closing time. Relevant validity of the entry ticket begins when crossing the entrance (turnstile) and ends with a passage in the defined time through transition device, respectively ends with closing time. The time for undressing, drying and dressing is included in the ticket validity period. In the case of exceeding the pre-payed time, the visitor is obligated to pay additional fee according to the price list at the ticket office.

1.3. Children younger than 15 years must be accompanied by a person older than 18 years of age. This person is responsible for the child for the entire stay in AQUALAND MORAVIA.

1.4. Upon payment, visitors are issued a watch-like wristband with an electronic chip which enables visitors to enter Aqua park and to make cashless payments for meals and additional services provided in Aqua park. Each chip has a financial limit for consumption and other services. All payments are made at the cash desk when leaving the Aqua park or at the vending machine. In case of running out all the financial credit the visitor can recharge credit at any cash desk after paying the bill.

1.5. The visitor has to announce the lost of the chip immediately at the ticket office of Aqua park to block the unwished consumption and shopping. The visitor is responsible for the chip account until it is blocked by our staff. The charge for the lost chip is valid according to up to date price list.

1.6. The operator reserves the right to limit the operation, or to close some parts of Aqua park, or to close down attractions due to essential maintenance, or for objective reasons (full capacity, bad weather, storm, low humidity, bad visibility) or due to social and sports events held in the area. Visitors are not entitled to compensation of admission fees.

1.7. The capacity of the Aqua park is limited. When the capacity is full the operator is entitled to limit the entry to the area.

1.8. It is possible to entry the pools only in swimsuit or in designed clothes for the stay in the water due to hygienic reasons.

1.9. It is needed to wear the swimsuit (or other clothes according to the point 1.8.) that are designed by the swimsuit producer to ride on the water slides and other attractions. The operator of the Aqua park is not responsible for damaged clothes that is not suitable for mentioned activity.

1.10. Children under 3 years of age are not permitted to take a bath unless being in the paddling pool. Kids older than 1 year may take a bath in the paddling pool. Adults are not permitted to entry the paddling pools unless they guide a child higher than 100 cm. Adults can not lie or sit in the water in the paddling pool.

1.11. Persons with restricted mobility/orientation may only enter the pools if accompanied by a responsible person.

1.12. People using French crutches, guiding sticks, dentures, braces, or other hygienically inappropriate materials are permitted to enter the pools just in case when  leaving their utilities in the storage spaces.

1.13. Persons suffering from illnesses whose nature or course of action may be affected by the specific environment of Aqua park (higher humidity and higher temperatures), especially those suffering from vascular and cardiac diseases, may only visit the Aqua park after consulting with the physician.

1.14. Into Aqua park and pools:

a) pets are not allowed

b) it is forbidden to bring own alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances. The person who violates this prohibition will be immediately escorted from the Aqua park without any money compensation;

c) it is forbidden to enter the premises under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances. The operator is entitled to expel the person under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances from the Aqua park without any money compensation. In particular, it is forbidden to enter the water slides under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, especially when there is a danger of the damage of the property, health or life. Alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed in small quantities at designated sites in Aqua park. People consuming alcohol must be older than 18 years if they do not harass other visitors and do not risk own safety and the safety of others. In other case the operator is entitled to refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to those who are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or do not meet the age limit. In the case of the consumption of even a small amount of alcohol or narcotic substances, the operator does not bear any responsibility for the health problems or damage caused by the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

2. Operating rules for visitors

2.1. Visitors must keep their own health and safety in mind, and keep the health and safety of others.

2.2. Every visitor must comply with personal hygiene standards, and keep used place and equipment nice and clean.

2.3. Every visitor must take a shower without swimsuit using soap before entering the pools; visitors must shower only at designated places and pass through a foot bath before entering the pools, if the foot bath are available.

2.4. Visitors must take their shoes off and enter the area wearing suitable swim shoes or barefoot before entering the changing rooms. Swimming shoes are slippers for wearing around pools and other adjacent areas that are clean. Visitors may only enter the pools without shoes or in shoes designed for swimming.

2.5. Changing cabins in unisex changing rooms are designed for dressing and undressing. Visitors can use lockers to store their clothes; lockers must be properly locked by the chip. If the chip is lost, visitors must prove the ownership of the things stored in the locker. The instructions on how to use a locker can be found on the locker. The operator is not liable for any damages arisen due to the fact that visitors forget to lock their lockers.

2.6. Jewellery, cash and other valuables must be kept in safety boxes that are at the entrance to the unisex changing rooms. Should visitors fail to lock their jewellery, cash and other valuables in the safety boxes, the operator is not liable for any potential damages caused to these items.

2.7. The couchettes serve for the rest of the visitors. The visitor may not leave detained personal belongings (luggage, towel, bath towel, bathrobe, etc.) during the absence except for the paid relaxation sun beds and the Day spa area. Wardrobes or storage boxes are designed to store the personal belongings. The operator reserves the right to move the left items blocking couchettes to dedicated storage boxes.

2.8. All items found in Aqua park must be handed over to the member of staff responsible, i.e. the main cashier. All valuable and tiny items are kept for 7 calendar days and can be picked up at the main ticket office. Towels, swimwear and other clothing can not be stored for hygienic reasons. Documents found (ID cards, passports) are handed over to the competent department of the city of Pohořelice. In the case of small items, it is possible to arrange the handover per e-mail (e-mail: - by mail or postal service at the expense of the visitor. In the case of valuables, it is necessary personal take over with proof of identity and identification of the lost item.

2.9. Visitors must treat with care the equipment and facilities located in Aqua park. Visitors must pay for damages they have caused (wilfully or due to negligence) to the operator’s assets or to third party assets.

2.10. Prams may only enter the complex if their wheels are protected with a special wrapping that is delivered by the prams producer. The wrapping can be purchased in our shop. If the wrapping does not fit the wheels the pram must be left in a storage room for prams. Here you can borrow the pram provided by Aqua park (this service is valid according to free capacity).

2.11. Visitors must follow the operating instructions placed at the relevant attraction when using the attractions in Aqua park, (water rides, waterslides, “dry attractions”, e.g. inflatable attractions, kid’s castles, climbing frames etc.); visitors must pay special attention and follow the instructions issued by the person responsible for the attraction. Entry to the attractions is at your own risk.

2.12. Visitors must comply with the instructions issued by the lifeguards and dedicated service personnel within the entire complex of AQUALAND MORAVIA.

2.13. It is needed to pay higher attention in all areas including staircase because of the nature of the equipment. There is a risk of slipping and possible injury.

2.14. In case of accident, injury or nausea, the visitor is obliged to call the lifeguard for treatment, writing down and recording the accident. The first aid point is located by the indoor BABY POOL. The operator is not responsible for injuries or accidents caused by its own negligence, carelessness or violation of the operating rules and/or attraction rules.

2.15. A free WI-FI network in AQUALAND MORAVIA is accessible, however the speed is limited by the capacity possibilities of the relevant technical equipment. The access depends on the overall number of visitors in AQUALAND MORAVIA using the network.


3.1. To smoke inside AQUALAND MORAVIA and by the outdoor pools on the solid areas around pools.

3.2. To swim in clothing which is not suitable for swimming, including underwear. Due to hygienic reasons children may only enter the pools using swimsuits or swim nappies. These can be bought in Aqua Shop.

3.3. To bring in sharp objects, glass, or anything else which can break and cause injuries, to bring in dangerous chemical substances and explosives, own chairs, umbrellas and any other furniture.

3.4. To enter pools, attractions and waterslides when eating, drinking or using chewing gum.

3.5. To bring inflatable rings and other inflatable items, flippers and tennis balls into the pools. Only inflatable armbands and swimming goggles are allowed.

3.6. To shout, whistle, run on the paths along the pools and on wet areas, to cause excessive noise, to disturb other visitors, to pull people under the water, to push third person or to jump queues at attractions.

3.7. To swim at the end points of the attractions and waterslides.

3.8. To jump into pools within the entire complex.

3.9. To pollute the water and areas of AQUALAND MORAVIA by spitting on the floor, into the pool, urinating into the pools, littering and not using designated litter bins, and to pollute the complex of AQUALAND MORAVIA.

3.10. To move beds, tables, chairs, equipment and furniture. To destroy equipment and fittings and to waste water.

3.11. To do laundry and wash oneself outside the designated premises.

3.12. To ask lifeguards and staff to perform services which are not in line with the Visiting Rules.

3.13. To enter premises designated for service personnel, or premises marked with a ban on entry, or premises designated for the opposite sex.

3.14. To call for help without a reason.

3.15. To bring own food into the Aqua park including portable refrigerators and any other food containers.


4.1. Visitor can be expelled from AQUALAND MORAVIA with no right to claim the paid admission fee if 

a) s/he fails to comply with the instructions of the staff, or the Visiting Rules, despite the fact s/he was previously notified by a relevant member of staff to rectify his/her behaviour, 

b) and if s/he is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or act inappropriately and presents a safety threat to other visitors, or threatens the cleanliness and operation of AQUALAND MORAVIA

c) presents a safety threat to other visitors, or threatens the cleanliness and operation of AQUALAND MORAVIA through his/her behaviour.

4.2. In the event that the visitor does not voluntarily leave the Aquapark when asked to do so, the operator may ask the security service or the Police of the Czech Republic to intervene.


5.1. Visiting Rules are binding for all visitors and employees of the operator.

5.2. Visitors must observe warning signs, instructions, bans and information boards, and all other notifications, and they must not destroy, damage or remove these signs.

5.3. Visitors must leave AQUALAND MORAVIA by the end of the opening hours, i.e. by 9 pm. When leaving later the additional payment is applied according to valid price list.

5.4. Any claim of aqua park services is appropriate to apply immediately during the visit, in writing form to the claim book, which is located at the main ticket office. Or subsequently at the address Aqualand Moravia, Pasohlávky ev. No. 110, postal code 691 22, in person, during the opening hours published on, or by e-mail Any wishes, questions or complaints may also be recorded in the claim book.

5.5. The complex can be reserved for schools, social and sports organisations at certain times. During this time, the public is not allowed to enter some of the areas, or pools.

5.6. In case of adverse weather, such as a storm or strong wind, visitors must leave the outdoor pool due to safety reasons on the instruction of the lifeguard. Should visitors decide to leave the complex early due to adverse weather, the operator is not obligated to return the admission fee, or to compensate visitors in any other way.

5.7. The operator reserves the right to adjust the opening and closing hours of individual attractions in the complex due to safety reasons in case of rain, storm, strong wind, darkness, fog, lower visibility and technical problems, In the event of the above stated facts, the operator is not obligated to return the admission fee, or to compensate visitors in any other way.

5.8. During the opening hours, the operator may take pictures, audio or video recordings where Aqua park visitors may appear. Acquiring the above records is in the legitimate interest of the operator and he uses them to promote his core business. All visitors of the Aqua are informed in advance that any type of record will be made during their visit, at the latest they get this information at the ticket offices.

6. Visiting rules of Forum Romanum Wellness

Forum Romanum Wellness (hereafter Wellness) is part of the Aqualand Moravia area. All rules of the Aqua park Visiting Rules apply here as well. Except for those specifically listed below.

6.1. The visitor of Wellness is obliged to follow the Visiting Rules and follow the instructions of the staff.

6.2. It is forbidden to use mobile phones, cameras, or any other recording device in Wellness.

6.3. Forum Roman Wellness is the zone without swimsuit. Leave all your clothes in changing room  or on shelves after entering the wellness.  Please wear only the plaid or sheet in the whole area.  It is not permitted to bring bags, luggage or similar stuff to Wellness.

6.4. Entry to the Forum Romanum Wellness is allowed for children  older than 15 years. We offer sauna for children in announced time. It is designed for children accompanied by their parents. Adults without children are not allowed to enter children sauna.  

6.5. During the stay in Wellness it is required to keep the hygiene and to use sheets / towels.  

6.6. Visitors are obliged to take a shower with soap without swimsuit after entering into the premises of Wellness for hygiene reasons.

6.7. In the dry saunas (Finnish sauna, biosauna, infrared sauna and tepidarium), a sheet is provided to each visitor to cover the whole body, including the feet. On request, visitors will be given a small aid to distinguish the allocated sheet. The use of sheets is prohibited in the steam rooms (Turkish, salt and aroma sauna, caldarium, laconium). In the steam rooms of the saunas, the visitor must shower the bench with water after using it. It is also possible to purchase a disposable individual seat in the wellness reception area for use in the sauna steam rooms.

6.8. In all areas where visitors move on wet pavement, including stairs, it is needed to take extra care. There is a danger of slipping and possible injury.  

6.9. All visitors are required to follow the principles of morality and decency, and not to bother other visitors by their acting or loud speaking.

6.10. The couchettes serve for the rest of the visitors. The visitor may not leave detained personal belongings (towel, bath towel, bathrobe, etc.) during his/her absence. Wardrobes or storage boxes should be used to store the personal belongings. The operator reserves the right to move the left items blocking couchettes to dedicated storage boxes.

6.11. It is allowed to drink and eat only refreshments purchased in the Wellness zone. Drinking water fountains are here at your disposal.

6.12. Saunas, heating rooms and other procedures are designed primarily for healthy people.  Every visitor enters them on his/her own responsibility.   

6.13. It is forbidden to smoke in whole Wellness including terrace and outdoor pool Lavatio Pool. This prohibition is valid for electronic cigarettes as well.

6.14. The capacity of Forum Romanum Wellness is limited. The head of Wellness is entitled to restrict access to the wellness area when the capacity is full.  

6.15. Visitors may not move equipment and furniture and manipulate with technical devices.  He can not pour aroma essences or substances on heatings or to change the environment in saunas (humidity, temperature).

6.16. If the visitor fails to follow the instructions of responsible staff, he can be ordered out from Wellness without any refund. In extreme cases, depending on the nature of the offense, the responsible employee can request the intervention of the security staff or the Police of the Czech Republic.

Visiting rules come into the force on the day of its release.

  • Date of issue: 26. 2. 2020
  • Operator: ŽS REAL, a.s.
  • Aqua park director: Petr Pavlacký
  • Head office: Pasohlávky reg. No. 110, 691 22 Pasohlávky
  • ID: 253 34 271
  • Registered in the Commercial Register Brno, Section B, Entry 2298
  • Address of the premises: AQUALAND MORAVIA Pasohlávky
  • Pasohlávky reg. No. 110, 691 22 Pasohlávky