Aqualand history

What if there is no Aqualand Moravia? Let´s talk a bit about the history...

Mammoth hunters lived here

Aqualand Moravia has been standing under the Pálava hill since 2013. But we will look back to a much more distant past. Did you know that the very first settlement of our surroundings was in the time 26 to 28 thousand years ago? It is right. Mammoth hunters settled in the area at that time. This is proved by the discovery of the Venus of Věstonice and other valuable findings. If you are more interested in history, we recommend visiting the archaeological exposition in the nearby village of Dolní Věstonice, which will take you to the time of the first settlement.

The Romans built the spa

You may have noticed that in the area of our aqua park you often come across Roman themes - either in the names of water slides or in the design. Our wellness Forum Romanum also refers to the Romans, which also offers traditional procedures coming from the Roman baths. The thermal pool in this part is called Lavatio, which means washing, bathing. In the aquapark, you go to the thermal pools Romulus and Remus, which refer to the founders of Rome. None of this is a coincidence.

The place where Aqualand Moravia stands today used to belong to a Roman spa built by the Romans in the same area. We are talking about the time two thousand years ago. At that time, this place was a key center in the wandering of Roman troops. The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wanted to annex a large area to the Roman Empire. His army controlled the entire area around the Pálava hill. The main "field" of the Roman legions was Hradisko on the hill, ie basically the territory of current Aqualand Moravia.

Archaeological finds confirm the Roman baths

Rich archaeological finds prove that the Roman baths were placed on the site of the current aqua park. What did the archaeologists discover? Ceramics, but also building materials, tools, instruments and jewelry. There were also many equipment and armaments of the Roman army, among them the unique switch plate decorated with reliefs of the ceremonial scaly armor of the X. Legion rider, undoubtedly a high officer, perhaps from the emperor's nearest circle.

Where to find more information about the history? Go to Mikulov and Brno

We know today that the Romans lived in Hradisko in the years 175-180 thanks to the findings. Remains of two domes were also found on the site - a residential rectangular building with four rooms and a spa with a semicircular end (balneum). The spa had the underfloor heating and the walls were plastered. The spas were rather small, so we can assume that they were private. There were also rooms with a swimming pool with hot and cold baths. If you want to "get lost" in the history a little more, we recommend to visit the exposition of the Regional Museum in Mikulov. If you would like to search even more, you will also find treasures in museums and galleries in the city of Brno.