First visit

Before the arrival

Please look at our e-shop before you start to plan your trip to the Aqualand Moravia. There you will find the best prices of the entry tickets. It is enough to print them after purchasing or you can download the tickets as QR code into your mobile phone. We will read the QR code at the ticket office in the Aqualand Moravia. Do not forget to think about wellness when purchasing the tickets. If you want to try the massages or other treatments, please book the service in advance. It is better to know the demand and we are happy to offer you our fullest attention.

Do you have the question about when is it the best time to visit Aqualand Moravia? We can help you with the actual capacity survey or with our events calendar. It may happen that some attractions are closed so please check the website, it might be your favourite one.

The Aqua Shop is situated right behind the turnstiles for those who forget something. You can buy swimsuit, slippers or water toys for children. You do not need to buy the bathrobe and the towel, we can rent you some for small fee.

You can enter the complex with the baby stroller but you should cover the wheels. You can buy the covers in the Aqua Shop if you do not have your own. You can rent the baby pram in our complex as well.

We offer special discount prices for students, children, seniors or disabled people all year around. You can check the price list of our services here.

How to reach us?

Are you packed and ready? Set up for your journey.

Leave your car direct in front of the water park if you come by the car. There is a bus connection from Brno. You do not need to buy the bus ticket. The bus gets you back to Brno. Here you can find all informations.


Did you reach us by car? Then you can park right next to the aqua park. Just be careful. It depends if you are heading to the water park or you are staying in our hotel next to it. Please look at the navigation signs on arrival. If you are heading to the hotel, you will drive around the entrance hall to the Aqualand Moravia, the exit to the parking lot of the aqua park follows immediately after it.

Ticket offices

Along the way to the Aqualand, pay attention to our color marking, thanks to which you will never get lost. Even if you visit us for the first time. You select the proper entrance door right in front of the entrance hall according to whether you already have a ticket or are just going to buy one.
If you already have a ticket, you can go to self check-in. The left entrance to the complex is the right one for you. You will go straight to the automatic vending machines. They are waiting for you on the left side of the ticket offices. You can not only check-in at these vending machines, but you can also buy a ticket here.

If you choose to go through "traditional" ticket offices, prepare everything you need - a ticket in electronic form or printed version. If you are entitled to get one of our discounts, prepare your documents. Children under the age of six have free entry.

You will receive the chip at the ticket office, which you will wear comfortably on your hand. You can buy whatever you like in the aqua park thanks to this chip. You pay when you leave the water park. You will also receive a receipt when handing over the chip. Keep the receipt if you accidentally lose the chip. You never know.

And you can go straight to the swimsuit, well to the locker room.

Locker rooms

No division of women and men. All visitors have the locker room in common. First of all, you find a free locker where you put your belongings. You can choose any of lockers that are open. You close it via the chip later. Each adult is entitled to use one free locker. If you have valuables with you, please arrange their storage in the safe at the ticket office. This service is charged.

Do you have a locker chosen? Then you can change to your swimsuit. There are changing rooms located right next to the lockers. Be sure to take a shower before entering the pool hall.

There was so much fun that everything came out of your head. And now you don't remember the locker number? Don't worry, you're not the first one! All you have to do is get at the info panel, which you find in the area. Here you will know the number of your locker.

Navigation in the complex

Simple navigation signs will help you to find the way. You will see them above your heads. Thanks to them, you will reach the pool hall, attractions, restaurants and other corners of Aqualand Moravia. If you have a pram with you or use a wheelchair to move around, look for a ramp at the Ice Cream Point, which will take you comfortably to the complex.

Pool hall

You will enter the pool hall as soon as you leave the locker room. You will find it right in front of you. Do you want to swim, lie in the water like a whale, swim or maybe have a drink right in the pool? Then just go straight out of the locker room. You can then swim outside or go to the outdoor area through the doors that are on the sides.

You will reach the relaxation corners when you turn left after leaving the locker room. What can you find there? Day spa, salt therapy, children's rest room a super zone with relaxation loungers are here. In short, relax in one place. However, if you turn right, you will reach the opposite universe a bit - the hall of attractions. The restaurant and the cafe are in the same direction. If you forget the "right, left, straight" instructions, don't hang your head down, on the contrary, keep your head up - you will find navigation signs right above your heads that will take you where you want. Each pool also has an information sign that will tell you about its temperature. It can be variable according to the current weather.

And what about the loungers?

They are waiting for you when you want to get rest. On the contrary, they do not wait for things to be put aside. However, if you want to book your own lounger, you can pay for this service in the Day spa or in the relaxation lounger zone. There is also a special "green zone" upstairs, where you will find couchettes for short-term rest.

Lifeguards are the heads of pools and water slides. They are here to help you. And they protect your safety. Please listen to them. Our safety instructions are designed to make you feel safe with us. So, please follow them with love for yourself and others.

What to remember?

  • It is forbidden to use inflatable rings. The child is in danger of turnover. We recommend the sleeves that are safer In this case.
  • It is forbidden to jump into the water in the whole area.
  • If you have a ball with you, please use it carefully. Do not endanger the visitors around you.
  • Do not run. You may slip and cause injury.
  • It is not allowed to eat your own food in the whole area. You can satisfy your hunger in the restaurant, café or other gastronomic facilities on the premises. Drinks purchased at the water bars can be enjoyed right next to them or around the pools.
  • The area is non-smoking. But we have special smoking zones, which you can find outdoors. Look for the cigarette symbol with a green sign.
  • Wheelchair users can easily get to the pools, we have special chairs for the disabled people.

And what if something happens after all?

  • Did you find the chip? Then tell the nearest employee, or return it to the lifeguard.
  • Have you lost your child? Then go to the lifeguard, they will help you to find him/her.
  • If you have found a lost child, take him/her with you and tell the first employee you come across.
  • Do you have an injury? Then the emergency room is the solution for you. Look for the red cross symbol on information signs. Our trained staff will help you there.

Water slides

As we told you – go straight to the right from the locker room. And you find yourself among the water slides. They are located in the outdoor area in the summer season as well. We have a total of 28 water slides and rides. Each of the attractions is different and has its own specifics. You will find a sign telling you what to do at each attraction. How many people may go, do we ride on the back or on the raft? How tall do I have to be? And is it challenging? You will also find answers to these questions there. However, you can also look at the website, where we tell you more about them. When you're at the scene, keep in mind that the lifeguard is in place for your safety. So please listen to him.

The good news at the end: You don't have to wait for some attractions, just get the service fast track. You can enjoy Wild River, Abyss or HighFive without queues. You can also take a photo of the ride on the first two, thanks to the photopoint.


Aqualand Moravia is not just about the adrenaline and a proper swim. You can also regenerate in the wellness. And we have two of them for you. Roman Wellness Forum Romanum and upstairs you will find the new Wellness Pálava. Take a look at the website before you come to us for wellness relaxation. Check if you do not miss the sauna ceremonies with our sauna masters or the whole sauna night. You can book massages or other wellness treatments in advance. We are sure that you will definitely choose from our rich offer.

Visitors older than fifteen years can go to the wellness. If you have children, we have a special children's sauna for them out of the summer season.

There are four WITHOUT instructions for both of our wellness - without a swimsuit and without mobile phones. Without backpacks and other bags in the saunas, let them rest in the locker room. And without cigarettes, even electronic ones.


You eat and drink, you beep with a chip. And you pay when you leave. It's up to you what you fancy - pancakes, pizza, gyros, a good portion of Czech classics? Or rather a salad? You can also weigh meals in the restaurant in case you would like only a small portion. You will get as much as you want.

You can add caffeine in our Coffeeland café, which can be found on the second floor, just above the restaurant. If you have a ticket containing the dessert, you can choose it right here.

Just be careful, visit the restaurant and cafe in dry clothes. A bathrobe is enough. And take the slippers on your foot. What is the reason for it? Your safety and comfort. Enjoy your meal.

Lost and found

What if you lose a chip from your wrist? You have got the receipt that you received at the ticket office. Just take the receipt back to the ticket office. Our staff will advise you on how to proceed.

Did you manage to lose something else? Even in this case, go to the ticket office, where you will get the further assistance.

Departure from the complex

Are you pleasantly tired - whether from relaxation or riding on the water slides? So the way home is approaching. After taking the shower, changing the clothes and picking up your valuables you should pay the spending. You can do this at regular cash registers, but also at automatic ones. You will find them right behind the Aqua Shop in the main hall. You also report to the ticket office if you have lost anything. Otherwise, you can go home with joy and a beautiful feeling. Yeah, and if you arrived by car, you can pay your parking ticket at the ticket office.

Are you coming with your kids?

Think about the very special Happy Days that are ready for the families with kids every Friday out of the summer season. Do not forget that children younger than 6 year have free entry into the water park. We have prepared special discounted tickets for older children. Take your children´s IDs to prove their age (the insurance card is enough).

Are you studying?

Students are entitled to get the discounted ticket in our water park. Are you studying and your age is between 15 and 26 years and do you hold the ISIC card or any other ID? We have good news for you – you get the discount.

Are you in senior age?

Come to visit us on Mondays and Tuesdays – it is a good deal for you. You get special discounted ticket thanks to the Happy Days. You can have a small jogging in the water with our animation team as the additional service. The seniors are entitled to get the discounted ticket out of Mondays and Tuesdays as well. We just need to see your ID proving your age. All visitors older than 60 years are considered to be seniors.

We have the special ticket for disabled person ZTP or ZTP / P

It is enough to show the ID proving the health limitation. The guide of the disabled person gets the free entry. Our complex is accessible for disabled people and you can use the special chairs for entering the pools. The customized lockers are designed for you, they are placed right behind the entrance into the changing rooms downstairs.


Try to take a look at the frequently asked questions, or write us a message at, we will be happy to answer.