Ladies' wellness evenings

Every Tuesday of the month, our spa transforms into an oasis exclusively for ladies.

And what exactly does that mean? On this day, the entire Palava floor (from 16:30 to 20:00) and the peeling ceremony in the Forum Romanum wellness will be reserved exclusively for ladies. We have special ceremonies and beauty treatments prepared and we will treat you like a queen.

There will be several ceremonies just for ladies on this day:

  • 17:30 Aroma bath (Forum Romanum wellness) - peeling ceremony
  • 18:30 Panorama sauna (Pálava wellness) - traditional ceremony
  • 19:30 Valtický sklep (Pálava wellness) - beauty treatment

Of course, you can also visit the mixed ceremonies taking place in the Forum Romanum wellness at this time.

You don't even need a special ticket for the ladies' wellness evening. Just buy a regular one at the ticket office or in the e-shop.

We look forward to seeing you ladies!