Our Ten Commandments


1. Comfort and first-class care are priority for us

2. You will be thrilled by the great environment with a view of Pálava hill

3. The uniqueness of the place is unquestionable - spa procedures were practiced in this area already 2,000 years ago

4. The natural healing water source from a local thermal well creates great added value

5. Everyone can choose - we offer 30 different saunas and treatments, the top of the cake is our Wellness bar

6. Educated sauna masters prepare the sauna ceremonies – having sauna is a first-class experience

7. We are preparing events and unique sales action for you (World Sauna Championships, sauna nights and others)

8. You can enjoy massages with us even in the summer and in the open air

9. We set the trends. We are constantly improving and expanding our services. And we love specialities. Did you know that it snows here all year around?

10. Our services are really comprehensive - we offer relaxation in our AQUA zone and you can stay in the Aqualand Inn hotel at the same time. The hotel is a part of the complex.


You will find two wellness worlds in Aqualand Moravia - the Roman ForumRomanum and the new Pálava wellness. Here are 10 tips to try.

Wellness ForumRomanum and Pálava are accessible for visitors older than 15 years.

This is our snow cave. You can cool down pleasantly here right after you come hot from the sauna. Real snow and a temperature around -1 ° C will be waiting for you. Just walk along the sidewalk and jump out in five minutes.

This is glazed sauna with a beautiful view of Pálava hill. It is the pearl of the whole Pálava wellness. This panoramic Finnish sauna can accommodate 100 people and enchants the visitors with views of Pálava hill and the New Mill Reservoir. You don't have to go outside for this view. It is visible directly from the sauna, thanks to the glass front. Two large stoves take care of the heat.

Lavatio Pool

The sun and Pálava hill. This is exactly what awaits you here. The combination of the thermal bath in the whirlpool and the amazing view is the reward you deserve. You have to go to the ForumRomanum Wellness zone for this experience.

Really cool relax. The moment of rest and relaxation just like that. Imagine yourself in a towel or bathrobe with a delicious drink in hand.

There is no shower like the other one. The special ones full of experiences will cool you down in the Pálava wellness. You will find exactly two here and their functions will surprise you. Showers gradually change the colors and intensity of the water fall. You will feel a gentle mist on your skin, Niagara rain, you will not miss the side massage and tropical storm.

We speak about the beneficial walk. First step into the pool with the warm water until your feet warm up. And then jump for a few seconds into a pool with cold water. Stimulation as it should be. Your feet will appreciate it.

Eucalyptus and menthol. You will feel it as soon as you step into this spa. Aromatic steam will clear your airways and make you feel beautiful. So breathe, 10 minutes is enough.

Let yourself be caressed. Your face will brighten, you will be even more beautiful.

Do you want to go to the sauna and enjoy the show? Yes? Then sauna ceremonies are for you. They leave a pleasant mark not only on the body but on the soul as well. Everything takes place under the direction of an experienced sauna master, who chooses the right music for you, the best scent of essential oil and waves the towel masterfully so that the image is as impressive and, most importantly, effective. Ceremonies come with the best impacts on your health.


Sauna ceremony for kids – special event designed not only for children takes place every even Sunday from 10:00 – 11:45 o´clock.

Music heals. Experience a real restart in salt room every odd Sunday at 17:00 and 18:00.