Sauna Ceremonies


Do you eagerly watch the clock every time you visit the sauna? Or have you spent so many hours in the hot rooms that saunas have become routine for you? In that case, sauna ceremonies are just for you. These are special performances that make your sauna stay more enjoyable, and you'll also take away an unforgettable experience.

How the Ceremony Works:

Each sauna ceremony is unique in its own way, but all of them feature great music and aromatic oils. At the beginning of the ceremony, the sauna master will welcome you, explain the rules, and the performance can begin.

Music fills the sauna, and the sensory temperature and humidity increase as the sauna master pours water on the hot stones. They also add ice balls with aromatic oil, which enhances the atmosphere of the ceremony.

The scent fills the room, and the sauna master begins to swirl the hot air with a towel. Sometimes you feel a blast of heat, other times the master gently fans you with the towel. The whole procedure leads to thorough warming of the body and enhances the effects of traditional sauna bathing.

The ceremony lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. After it's over, shower with lukewarm water and then take a dip in the cooling pool to fully maximize the benefits of sauna bathing. Warming and cooling the body significantly boosts your immunity.

Why Attend a Ceremony:

Besides being a pleasant change, a sauna ceremony also offers beneficial effects for the body and mind. Intensive bursts of hot air warm up the body and help flush out toxins and unwanted substances more easily.

Inhaling aromatic oils creates a pleasant feeling and calms the mind. So, you won't even think about the issues you have outside the sauna.

Types of Sauna Ceremonies:

We offer several types of sauna ceremonies, so you can experience something different each time you visit.

  • Traditional Sauna Ceremony – The main elements are the scents of aromatic oils and the performance that the sauna master conducts using a towel or fan.
  • Birch Broom (Metličkování) – The sauna master uses birch branches instead of a towel, releasing a pleasant aroma in the hot air.
  • Peeling Ceremony – When you arrive, you purchase a jar of peeling scrub at the reception, which serves as your ticket to a specific ceremony. You'll use this unique scrub during the procedure, usually following the instructions of the sauna master.
  • Smoke Bathing (Vykuřování) – During the ceremony, the sauna master uses a censer, in which he heats aromatic elements known as "vykuřovadlo." You can enjoy calming scents like sage, tonka beans, or pine resin.
  • Music Relaxation (Muzikorelaxace) – Soft tones from Tibetan bowls, Koshi chimes, or other music therapy instruments will help you achieve perfect relaxation during the ceremonies.
  • Sauna Ceremonies for Kids – These take place every Sunday at 11:00 as part of the children's sauna in the Forum Romanum wellness area.

When and Where:

The times of sauna ceremonies are posted on the board at the wellness reception, in the Pálava wellness area, or at the staircase entrance to the wellness reception.